Meet the Team

Dominic Gresse

Dominic comes from a Human Resource back ground and thus knows exactly who to employ and how to treat the employees to encourage best performance. Customer Service is one of Dominic's main focuses when it comes to sales and she is quite passionate in her pursuit of it.

Marianne Wessels

With a strong Financial background, Marianne brings stability to the madness that is Windhoek Stationers. Through always trying to keep customers satisfied, the Team often crosses some lines that are not meant to be crossed, and Marianne is always there to be the voice of reason and to ensure the financial side of a matter is dealt with properly.

Margret Sinclair

Margret ensures that the back office and everything pertaining to finances are taken care of. We all know that a Company is just as good as it's back bone, and with Margret as Accountant, we can surely rest assured.

Chrissie Scott
Head of Procurement

Chrissie has been with Windhoek Stationers for more than 25 Years in Procurement. That means that she knows exactly what to buy and where, to ensure that we have a great variety of products as well as top quality products. Along side all her procurement and warehousing responsibilities, Chrissie even has a solid customer following who only prefers to buy their office needs from her. 

Andy Brown
Head of Sales

Andy has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to sales and customer service and it's evident when you work with the Windhoek Stationers Team. With more than 15 Years of Sales experience and extensive Sales Training, Andy plays a pivotal role in keeping the Sales Team positive and assisting in closing those bigger corporate deals.

Duncan Engelbrecht
Shop Manager

Duncan brings real depth to the Sales Team with more than 25 Years of loyal service to Windhoek Stationers. He probably has more experience and knowledge of the Stationery Industry than anyone else in Namibia. Duncan is also in charge of the IT and Consumables  procurement and ensures that we carry the necessary stock to ensure quick delivery times. 

Barbie Waldeck
Senior Sales

Everyone knows Barbie 🙂 , but really, Barbie's name is almost synonymous with Stationery. With more than 30 Years in the Stationery Industry, Barbie really is a key player in the Windhoek Stationers Team. Her client base is so huge, but with her strong work ethic, passion and drive, her client base just keeps on expanding.

Joggie Samuel

Joggie has what it takes when it comes to supplying Big Corporate Companies and Schools from all over the Country. She is very dedicated in ensuring her customers receive their goods on time and correct. Joggie does not believe in procrastinating and therefore handles every customers order with speed an accuracy.

Tracey Hodges

Tracey brings depth to the Team with her ability to engage with Bigger Corporate clients. Tracey also handles some Semi Government Institutions and ensures they are treated accordingly and deliveries are carried out promptly.

Ashwin Feris

An impressive young man with a sense of urgency when it comes to assisting customers. Ashwin is currently one of the Junior Sales Executives, but clearly has the potential to climb the figurative Sales Ladder very quickly.

Johnny Namene

We actually met Johnny for the first time at a business across the street from us. Margret bought something from him and was so impressed with his level of customer service that we had to call him for an interview. I guess you can say the rest is history. We are glad to have Johnny on the team and we know he will assist our loyal customers with passion and commitment.